The Sachsenring race track can be adapted to meet our clients' demands: In addition to the Grand Prix course, two smaller circuits with quite different characteristics can be set up. But you can only rent the Grand Prix circuit as a whole!

To see more detail, just choose a number and read the short descripitions with pictures below. In our gallery you can also find interesting track-details!

Precondition for ALL VEHICLES to drive on the Sachsenring: max. noise under full power: 93 db

You will find more details, e.g. information about insurance and other rental terms, in our General terms and conditions!

The Sachsenring: Circuits

1 - Start and finish

Sachsenring - Start and finish

2 - Coca-Cola corner

Sachsenring - Coca-Cola corner

This is the "bottleneck" of the Sachsenring: a very tight downhill corner to the right. As it is the first corner after the start there are always some spectacular scenes to watch!

3 - Approach to Omega corner

Sachsenring - Approach to Omega corner

The approach to the best-known Sachsenring corner is very difficult. Although the turn banks 3 per cent to the inside, you seem to lean to the outside.

3 - Omega corner

Sachsenring - Omega corner

This turn is the Sachsenring "classic" - and even experts cannot agree on where the ideal Line is. As the track can be covered with water, too, it is also ideal for drift and rally trainings.

4 - Little crest corner

Sachsenring - Little crest corner

In this left-hand uphill corner it is important to find a clear line without sliding too much. Since a series of left-hand corners follows, it is important not to overload the right front tyre.

5 - Kart hall-bend

Sachsenring - Kart hall-bend

A very long left-hand corner, which goes slightly downhill. For the races the largest mobile stands anre erected here, offering the best view of the action.

6 - VW Sachsen-bridge corner

Sachsenring - Audi-bridge corner

This corner is special because it's getting wider toward the exit, giving the driver the feeling that it should be possible to drive much faster through it. In addition, several bumps at the turn-in point make it more difficult to drive the limit.

3 - Omega corner exit

Sachsenring - Omega corner exit

This passage is rather tricky, both for cars and motorcycles. Accelerating out of the turn is not easy either because the rear wheels tend to become 'loose', slipping on the slightly cambered inner side of the track. This passage can also be xovered with water to simulate rainy weather conditions.

8 - Approach to the northern extension

Sachsenring - Approach to the northern extension

Driving along this part of the circuit gives you the impression of going down the slope of a ski jump. With a 13 per cent gradient the Sachsenring holds the record among the rading circuits!

Paddock 1 corner

Sachsenring - Paddock 1 corner

This is the fastest corner of the Sachsenring. It's a corner that tests the drivers courage because it goes downhill with a gradient of up to 13 per cent.

9 - Approach to the Sachsen-bend

Sachsenring - Approach to the Sachsen-bend

[Translate to en:] Auf diesem Streckenabschnitt hat man den Eindruck, als bewege man sich auf der Anfahrt zu einer Schisprungschanze. Mit 13% Gefälle steht der Sachsenring bei den Rennstrecken im Buch der Rekorde. Hier erreicht man auch die Topspeed auf dem Ring.

10 - Exit Sachsen corner

Sachsenring - Exit Sachsen corner / approach to Queckenberg corner

The wide gravel beds of the Sachsenring - like the one at the Sachsen corner - correspond to international safety standards.

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